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This 20+ Hrs. On-Demand latest Options Course is suitable for all options traders & market conditions no matter:
👉🏻 Beginner or experienced trader
👉🏻 Capital is 50k or 50 lakhs
👉🏻 Active or passive trader
👉🏻 Markets are trending or sideways
👉🏻 VIX is high or low

20+ Hrs | 25+ Stratagies | 1 Year Access | Latest Content (2024)

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You'll learn A-Z of Options Trading in Indices & Stocks, which include:

✅ 25+ Strategies
✅ Option Buying & Selling
✅ Hedging & Adjustments
✅ Firefighting Techniques
✅ Weekly & Monthly Strategies
✅ Expiry Day Strategies
✅ Result Based Strategies & more

Here are a few recent trades that triggered as per our strategies in 2024 👇🏻

Topics covered

This A-Z of Options Trading course is divided into 8 segments as below 👇🏻

12 Intraday Momentum Strategies 🚀

Suitable for Intraday Option Buyers
✅ Institutional based stratagies
✅ Gap up & Gap down strategies
✅ 20 EMA unique stratagy
✅ Riding trends effectively
✅ CPR to better entries
✅ Supply & Demand Based

8 Option Spread Strategies🚀

Spread Strategies that can be deployed in moderate trending markets.
✅ Credit Spreads
✅ Debit Spreads
✅ Effective Adjustments
✅ Ratio Spreads

4 Non-Directional Strategies 🚀

Key Non-Directional Option Selling Strategies.
✅ Strangles & Straddles & Flys
✅ Weekly Index expiry strategies
✅ Monthly Index expiry strategies
✅ Margin allocation
✅ Risk management & Position sizing

5 Expiry Day Setups 🚀

These strategies are newly added to tackle multiple expires in a week.
✅ 3 Zero-Hero Strategies with a high RR
✅ Butterfly with high POP
✅ Condors
✅ Risk management blueprint

Adjustment & Firefighting 🚀

The most essential skill in option selling is Adjustments. We will discuss multiple ways to adjust the positions:
✅ Extension
✅ Pyramid
✅ Shifting
✅ Averaging
✅ Delta Neutral Adjustment etc.

Margin Reduction Techniques 🚀

This is a game changer for Option Sellers to get 1.5x more returns.
✅ How to do option selling with less capital and improve ROI
✅ For weekly and monthly setups
✅ Deep OTM Hedging Hacks

Beginner to Advanced Topics 🚀

These topics are core for any option trader if they want to become an Independent:
✅ OI chain analysis
✅ Max Pain
✅ Multistrike OI
✅ IV analysis & More. All Features of Sensibull will be explained.

4 Special Stock Option Strategies 🚀

These are 4 Exclusive Strategies designed for the traders who trade in Stock Options.
✅ Result-based strategies
✅ Stock selection techniques
✅ High POP passive strategies
✅ 2 unique stock-specific strategies

Meet Your Mentor

CA Arun Bau

 Chartered Accountant
 5+ Years of Trading Experience
 Price Action & Options Trader
 Helped More Than 5000+ traders
 Founder of Mindfluential Trading Brand with a following of more than 140,000 on IG

Transformed 3000+ Traders

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A few of them include fund managers and experienced traders as well.

3000+ Traders have taken this Options Course.
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1 Year of access to our Premium Discord community

1-year access to Institutional Zones Intraday Indicator

Lifetime access to 200+ pages of Interactive E-Book (PDF)

Learn 25 Effective Option Trading Strategies & 40+ Key Concepts in 20+ Hrs.
(The course content has been updated recently, so you get latest insights of 2024 markets )

This will probably be the Only Options Course you will need.
1000's of traders benefited from this.

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