About Us

We at Mindfluential Trading got multiple years of trading exposure in Indian Stock & Commodity Markets. After reading multiple books on trading mindset, trading psychology listening to many podcasts of successful day traders and hedge fund managers we have tried to decode the actual reason why 95% of the retail traders across the world end up making losses.​It's actually no surprise because it is on par with the general terms that the wealthiest people of 5% in the world control the remaining population. 

It is because only those 5% of the people are the ones who do something different and go through the phase of real learning and discipline. The following are the common qualities of 5% of people.

​1. They are very disciplined.

2. They think in terms of the long term [ not expect to get rich quickly]

3. They have a strong mindset & control over their emotions.

4. They spend more time learning and never stop that.

5. They very well know how the remaining 95% of the people think and make the best use of it.​

On interacting and reading many retail trader stories, we haven't come across a situation where the day trader is profitable consistently over a period of years. There can be a quick bit of luck but that too didn't last much.​The main reason why a trader is unable to adopt a trading discipline is that it is challenging and it demands you to move out of your comfort zone and forces you to think in a way that you are not used to. Many people will not stay in an uncomfortable zone for more time. 

So they get back to normal and end up taking up trades emotionally and do revenge trades and has unrealistic expectation to profit from the market. All end up blowing up their accounts.​​​​​Our Vision is to teach, train, and support a day trader's journey to move from the 95% of losing crowd to the premium 5% of the winning & disciplined people. We know that it requires a lot of commitment from the trader themselves.

​Mindfluential Trading community believes strongly that "Trading is 30% technical analysis & 70% Psychology". And Psychology includes mindset, affirmations, meditation, emotional control, and finding a trading edge that suits your personality.​